The Russians have redesigned the DB9

22 апреля 2016

«The Aston Martin DB9. You will be aware that it’s quite pretty.
A car design not really crying out for modification.
And yet people keep trying.
There’s the Kahn Vengeance and Zagato Centennial, for instance. To them, you can add this Cardi M442.

What sounds like football-themed knitwear is actually a Russian redesign for Aston’s departing GT car.
And that’s just its codename for now, for it exists only in renders. But this is a realistic glimpse of an end product
that will share no sheet metal with the DB9.

And it looks… different. There’s an undeniable simplicity to its side profile, where it’s arguably an even cleaner car than the DB9.
The M442 also exhibits a neat C-pillar-mounted filler cap and elegant, elongated windows.
We’re hoping they’ll all wind down, creating the open-air coupe feel of a big Mercedes or the mighty BMW 8-Series.»


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